Commit 8fdab0dd authored by Guillaume Pasero's avatar Guillaume Pasero

BUG: Python function GetImageAsNumpyArray() broken

parent 20ffa812
......@@ -747,13 +747,13 @@ class ApplicationProxy(object):
print ("int8, int16, int32, uint8, uint16, uint32, float, double")
numpy_vector_image = self.GetVectorImageAsFloatNumpyArray_(paramKey)
if len(numpy_vector_image.shape) > 2:
raise ValueError("len(numpy_vector_image.shape) > 2\n"
"Output image from application is of 3 dimension (len(nparray.shape) > 2). \n"
"GetImageFromNumpyArray returns an numpy array of dimension 2 that will result is loss of data.\n"
if numpy_vector_image.shape[2] > 1:
raise ValueError("numpy_vector_image.shape[2] > 1\n"
"Output image from application has more than 1 band\n"
"GetImageFromNumpyArray only returns the first band, which will result in a loss of data.\n"
"In this case you must use GetVectorImageFromNumpyArray which is capable of return a 3 dimension image.\n")
numpy_vector_image = numpy_vector_image[:,:,1]
numpy_vector_image = numpy_vector_image[:,:,0]
return numpy_vector_image
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