Commit 99022911 authored by David Youssefi's avatar David Youssefi

ENH: get component type as string without dummy float reader

parent 8ab725d0
......@@ -272,14 +272,13 @@ private:
ossOutput << "\tNumber of bands : " << GetParameterInt("numberbands") << std::endl;
// Dummy float reader, just to parse the extended filename and get the data type
typedef otb::ImageFileReader<otb::Image<float, 2>> ReaderType;
ReaderType::Pointer reader = ReaderType::New();
ImageIOBase::Pointer imageIO = reader->GetImageIO();
std::string dataTypeAsString = imageIO->GetComponentTypeAsString(imageIO->GetComponentType());
// Get data type
ImageIOBase::IOComponentType typeInfo(ImageIOBase::UNKNOWNCOMPONENTTYPE);
itk::ExposeMetaData< ImageIOBase::IOComponentType >( inImage->GetMetaDataDictionary(),
MetaDataKey::DataType , typeInfo);
// Dummy imageIO to get component type as string
ImageIOBase::Pointer imageIO;
const std::string dataTypeAsString = imageIO->GetComponentTypeAsString(typeInfo);
SetParameterString("datatype", dataTypeAsString);
ossOutput << "\tData type : " << GetParameterString("datatype") << std::endl;
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