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QGIS interface
The QGIS-OTB plugin (requires QGIS > 3.0)
The QGIS-OTB plugin (requires QGIS > 3.2)
With QGIS 3.0.2 or later, you will need to manually install the plugin.
Clone qgis-otb-plugin repository and set ``QGIS_PLUGINPATH``:
With QGIS < 3.8 you will need to manually install the plugin.
You can follow the instruction here:
For Linux/Unix/MacOSX
mkdir $HOME/projects; cd $HOME/projects
git clone
export QGIS_PLUGINPATH=$HOME/projects/qgis-otb-plugin
For Windows
Clone qgis-otb-plugin repository to ``C:\qgis-plugins\qgis-otb-plugin``
git clone
Then set the ``QGIS_PLUGINPATH`` variable:
* System properties (``Windows Key + R -> sysdm.cpl`` )
* Select Advanced Tab -> Environment variables.
* Under "user variables for "
* Add or Edit variable ``QGIS_PLUGINPATH`` and set value to ``C:\qgis-plugins\qgis-otb-plugin``
With QGIS > 3.8, the plugin is in the QGIS core. So you just need install OTB and set the plugin up.
Download and Install OTB
......@@ -59,27 +37,6 @@ You can see OTB under "Providers":
* Set OTB application folder. This is location of your OTB applications. ``<OTB_FOLDER>/lib/otb/applications``
* Click "ok" to save settings and close dialog. If settings are correct, you will have OTB algorithms loaded in Processing toolbox
Using the processing toolbox (for QGIS < 3.0)
In older QGIS version (3.0 or before), OTB applications are available from QGIS.
Use them from the processing toolbox, which is accessible under `Processing
-> ToolBox`. Switch to “advanced interface” in the bottom of the
application widget and OTB applications will be there.
.. figure:: Art/QtImages/qgis-otb.png
Using a custom OTB
If QGIS cannot find OTB, the “applications folder” and “binaries folder”
can be set from the settings found under Processing :math:`\rightarrow`
Settings :math:`\rightarrow` “service provider”.
.. figure:: Art/QtImages/qgis-otb-settings.png
On some versions of QGIS, if an existing OTB installation is found, the
textfield settings will not be shown. To use a custom OTB instead of the
existing one, you will need to replace the otbcli, otbgui and library
files in QGIS installation directly.
As of QGIS 3.8 the otb plugin is in the core. It might get messy if you have a previously installed plugin. Try to remove the old plugin before launching QGIS.
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