Commit 9ba4895d authored by Ludovic Hussonnois's avatar Ludovic Hussonnois

DOC: Update VectorRescaleIntensityImageFilter documentation.

parent a68aaf62
......@@ -198,10 +198,15 @@ private:
* This filter rescales each band to match the [OutputMinimum, OutputMaximum] range.
* In order to avoid odd values to alter the intensity extent, one can set a clamp percentage.
* The clamp percentage is set to 0.01 by default.
* Values lower than the first quantile of this percentage are set to the OutputMinimum.
* Values upper than the last quantile of this percentage are set to the OutputMaximum.
* This filter differ from itk::VectorRescaleIntensityImageFilter.
* Instead of setting only the OutputMaximumMagnitude, you can set the minimum and maximum values for the input and output images.
* There is also the possibilty to set a Gamma value and change the clamp percentage.
* \ingroup IntensityImageFilters
* \ingroup MultiThreaded
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