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ENH: update release notes

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OTB-v.3.18 - Changes since version 3.16 (2013/06/21)
Among the classical improvements and bug fixes to exisiting functionnalities, this release provides
the following main functionnalities :
* Huge improvements in Stereo framework, to compute DEM from stereo pairs :
check the StereoFramework application !
* Whole new classification framework, with seamless integration of all OpenCV classifiers in addition to the
existing SVM classifier, kept for backward compatibility : check the TrainImageClassifier application !
* A classifiers fusion framework based on Dempster Shafer theory : check the FusionOfClassifications application !
The full list of improvements comes here :
* Library
* Core and Third Parties
* Expose Curl timeout as parameter
* OGRLayerStreamStitchingFilter : fix issue #610 'Attempt to delete shape with feature id (405674), but it is marked deleted already.'
* Preparation for ITKv4 : got rid of most patches in internal ITK version
* Removal of old deprecated methods in all OTB classes
* Fix mangling of internal OpenJPEG
* Basic filters
* Add NoData value and flag for StreamingMinMaxVectorImageFilter
* StreamingStatisticsImageFilter & StreamingStatisticsVectorImageFilter : support for skipping Nan and for a background value
* Stereo
* New classes :
* DisparityMapTo3DFilter : convert disparity map in epipolar geometry to 3D image in epipolar geometry
* MultiDisparityMapTo3DFilter : convert several disparity maps in sensor geometry to a 3D image in sensor geometry
* LineOfSightOptimizer : algorithm to fuse several elevation values by line of sight optimisation
* BijectionCoherencyFilter : from 2 disparity maps, compute coherency left-right and right-left, and ouput a mask of coherent disparities
* Multi3DToDEMFilter : fuse several 3D images to produce an elevation map
* DisparityTranslateFilter : filter to translate epipolar disparities into sensor disparities
* PixelWiseBlockMatchingImageFilter : fix initialisation of metric and disparities
* PixelWiseBlockMatchingImageFilter : supports a shift on the subsampled grid
* SubPixelDisparityImageFilter : supports a subsampled grid (with shift)
* PixelWiseBlockMatchingImageFilter & SubPixelDisparityImageFilter : subsampled disparities are now consistent with the dispmap index spaces
* IO
* GDALImageIO : support reading overviews. "image.tif?&resol=3" is now supported as file name
* Extended file names now supports the "box" key for writing only a subset of the image
* Learning
* Generic framework of classification filters, integrating OpenCV classifiers and libSVM
* New classes
* MachineLearningModel
* MachineLearningModelFactory
* LibSVMMachineLearningModel, based on pre exsiting libsvm functionnalities
* OpenCV based classifiers :
BoostMachineLearningModel DecisionTreeMachineLearningModel GradientBoostedTreeMachineLearningModel
KNearestNeighborsMachineLearningModel NeuralNetworkMachineLearningModel
NormalBayesMachineLearningModel RandomForestsMachineLearningModel SVMMachineLearningModel
* ConfusionMatrixCalculator : add correspondence between class label and indices
* ConfusionMatrixMeasurements : add new class for computation of precision, recall and F-score
* Fuzzy
* New Dempster Shafer based fusion of classifiers framework
* Theory explained in
* New classes : DSFusionOfClassifiersImageFilter, ConfusionMatrixToMassOfBelief
* Segmentation
* Fix some numerical instabilities in mean shift segmentation filter
* Radiometry
* Fix spectral sensitivity reading of Pleiades images
* Add PHR 1B averaged solar irradiance provided by CNES
* Applications
* New applications
* Added new SRTM tiles downloader (DownloadSRTMTiles)
* Added new PLY file generator (GeneratePlyFile)
* TrainImageClassifier and ImageClassifier : made TrainSVMImageClassifier & ImageSVMClassifier
more generic and expose OpenCV classifiers.
Check the migration guide at :
* Updated applications
* StereoFramework :
* Handles several images in input by stereo couples
* More robust block matching with coherency checking in both directions
* Choice of metric for block matching
* Optional median filtering for disparities
* Add variance threshold on input images for masking pixels where variance is too low
* Add support for final projection of DEM in other SRS than WGS84
* ExtractROI : add a mode to fit another reference image
* StereoRectificationGridGenerator : disable agvdem by default
* BlockMatching : expose step parameter
* BlockMatching : supports a shift on the subsampled grid
* ColorMapping : remove flooding of logs
* TrainImageClassifier & ComputeConfusionMatrix : enhance reporting of confusion matrix by displaying real labels
* ReadImageInfo : add index of largest possible region
* ComputeImageStatistics : support for background values, add progress reporting
* CompareImages : use whole image when no ROI is provided
* Core Framework
* Manage UTF8 paths in GUI
* Fix a crash in string list parameter widget in GUI
* Monteverdi
* Bug Fixes
OTB-v.3.16 - Changes since version 3.14.1 (2013/02/04)
* Library
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