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OTB-v.3.14.0 - Changes since version 3.12.0 (2012/01/31)
OTB-v.3.14.0 - Changes since version 3.12.0 (2012/06/28)
* Library
* New MeanShift implementation
* Add MeanShiftSmoothingImageFilter class with threading support
* Add MeanShiftKernels class
* Add MeanShiftConnectedComponentSegmentationFilter class to concatenate MeanShift filter and connected component
* Add MeanShiftSegmentationFilter which performs segmentation of an image by chaining a mean shift filter and region merging filter.
* Move MeanShiftVectorImageFilterExample to MeanShiftSegmentationFilterExample
* MeanShiftImageFilter and MeanShiftVectorImageFilter are now deprecated
* OGR encapsulation for use in large-scale segmentation framework
* Add a method converting a DataTree node to a list of OGRLayer*
* Add OGRDataSourceWrapper, OGRDriversInit, OGRLayerWrapper, OGRFieldWrapper, OGRFeatureWrapper, OGRGeometryWrapper and OGR classes to encapsulate OGR in the otb namespace
* Add GeometriesProjectionFilter, GeometriesSet, GeometriesSource and GeometriesToGeometriesFilter classes to encapsulate OGR Geometries projection
* Add OGRHelpers class for easier conversion to OGR string
* Add GeometriesProjectionFilter filter to
* Add ImageReference, OGRGeometriesVisitor classes
* Large-scale Segmentation Framework (OBIA)
* Create a new repository Segmentation
* Add GdalDataTypeBridge
* Add LabelImageToVectorDataFilter class
* Add StreamingImageToOGRLayerSegmentationFilter class which allow stream segmentation and vectorization of the output label image (based on OGRWrappers)
* Add LabelImageToOGRDataSourceFilter class to use GDALPolygonize method to transform a Label image into a OGRDataSource
* Add PersistentImageToOGRDataFilter class. This class is a generic PersistentImageFilter, which encapsulate any filter which produces OGR data from an input Image
* Add option 4Connected/8Connected for Polygonization in LabelImageToVectorDataFilter and LabelImageToOGRDataSourceFilter
* Add OGRLayerStreamStitchingFilter class to make fusion of geometries in a layer (ogr) along streaming lines (based on OGRWrappers).
* Add LabelImageRegionMergingFilter class
* Add Example about OGRWrappers and HooverMetrics
* Pleiades Support
* enhance support of PHR data with DIMAPv2 official root_tag
* manage all cases from geotransform return by GDALJP2metadata
* enhance support of PHR data with GML box and Sensor Model
* Add TileImageFilter to support mosaic tiled images
* Support of TIFF pleiades image and associated DIMAP metadata
* upport for DIMAPv1 metadata format
* Stereo-rectification framework
* Add StereorectificationDeformationFieldSource class
* Add BlockMatchingImageFilter class for fast 2D block-matching
* Add NCCBlockMatching functor
* Add LPBlockMatching functor
* Adding an optionnal geoid file, and the possibility to use height above ellispoid in DEMToImageGenerator
* Add SubPixelDisparityImageFilter class to interpolate disparities
* Add DisparityMapMedianFilter class
* Add AdhesionCorrectionFilter class
* Add DisparityMapToDEMFilter
* Add example in DisparityMap/StereoReconstructionExample
* Miscellaneous
* Modify otbImageLayer to enable the contrast stretch on full or zoom view in Monteverdi Viewer module
* Add RasterizeVectorDataFilter class
* Add VectorDataToLabelImageFilter for VectorData rasterization using an attribute to get the color for burning
* Add GDALDriverManagerWrapper class
* Add VectorDataEditVertexActionHandler class to allow user editing of vertex in vector data.
* Add VectorDataTranslateGeometryActionHandler class to handles the user action for geometries translation
* Add VectorDataEditionModel class for vertex edition and geometries translation
* Add a method to remove a specific geometry in the VectorData
* AddVectorData method always do notification, add a flag (set to true by default) to allow disabling it
* Enhance the support for Spot 1,2,3 metadata related to radiometry
* Add UnaryFunctorWithIndexWithOutputSizeImageFilter which implements neighborhood-wise generic operation on image
* Add WatershedSegmentationFilter composite filter to allow use of itk watershed inside large segmentation framework
* Add LabelImageRegionPruningFilter filter to merges regions in the input label image according to the input image of spectral values and the RangeBandwidth parameter.
* Rename VectorDataToImageFilter to VectorDataToMapFilter
* Move Hoover framework to Code/Segmentation
* Make RationalTransform inheriting from otb::Transform instead of itk::Transform
* Add Spacing and Origin to RationalTransform
* Fix bug in computation of NDBBBI for Spectral rule based classifier
* Remove deprecated classes :
* QuickLookImageGenerator (replaced by StreamingShrinkImageFilter)
* GeometricMomentImageFunction (unused)
* Improve removal of geometries in VectorDataEditionModel
* HistogramActionHandler : avoid changing positions outside viewed range
* PixelDescriptionModel : make the request for placename optional (lags when internet access is slow)
* PackedWidgetManager : add Shown method, add Resizable setter
* Patch internal muparser to avoid bugs with static storage varialbe deallocation in plugin context
* Modify MetaDataKey to avoid bugs with static storage varialbe deallocation in plugin context
* Enable KML writing using OGR (was previously done internally by libkml)
* GenericRSTransform can now be optimized using a set of tie-points, calling ossim internal sensor model refining implementation
* New Applications
* Add PixelValue application
* Add HooverCompareSegmentation application
* Add GridBasedImageResampling application to perform grid-based image resampling
* Add StereoRectificationGridGenerator application
* Add RadiometricWaterIndices application
* Add FineRegistration application for pixel-wise horizontal block matching
* Add BlockMatching application
* Add DimensionalityReduction application
* Add LargeScaleSegmentation application
* Add DisparityMapToElevationMap application
* Add ComputeImageFeatures application
* Misc. Applications
* Add image origin to ReadImageInfoApplication
* Use now InputFilenameParameter and OutputFilenameParameter instead of FilenameParameter
* Use InputFilename and OuputFilename instead of Filename
* New option in SVMClassifier application: sample.edg (non mandatory) to manage special cases with small samples
* In KMeansClassification, Changing the random intialisation method since it can generate centroids that are too far from the image distribution and will never move
* Add AddRANDParameter option in order to set mersenne twister seed for test reproducibility purpose
* Display which key is wrong in a set of application parameters
* Improve the help return by application
* MeanShiftSegmentation application, which duplicates Segmentation application has been renamed to MeanShiftSmoothing application
* Rasterization application rewritten to use the new OGRDataSourceToLabelImageFilter filter
The application can rasterize in binary mode or burn the value of a specified field (similar to gdal_rasterize)
* ColorMapping : fix settings of predefined colormap
* otbViewer improvements : add handling of HDF and JPEG2000 files
* System
* Monteverdi
* Bug fixes
* Monteverdi
* 0000527: While saving dataset with rescaling option, the channels n° > 3 are incorrect
* OTB-Packaging
* 0000525: Python not found during ubuntu package build
* 0000526: Fix input of bfTvPolygonizationRasterization_WGS84
* Orfeo Toolbox (OTB)
* 0000558: GetParameterFloat method of WrapperApplication class does not returns exactly input value
* 0000548: Parameters default values should appear in command line help interface of OTB applications
* 0000550: BlockMatching application throws an exception when the "sub-pixel" mode is activated
* 0000549: Error message related to boost_any_cast in StereoRectificationGridGenerator application
* 0000547: MeanShiftFilter validation test is fialinf for Iteration and Spatial output
* 0000537: Impossible to set rescale type for Convert application
* 0000542: Problem with win arch and testing
* 0000521: Applications do not work anymore (Wrapper problem)
* 0000522: otbApplicationLauncherQT is not reflecting the Disable/Enable state correctly
* 0000511: Tags are repeated twice in Application, when using Qt framework
* Update internal Ossim to revision 20606
* Support for Mapnik2
* Make siftfast compilation optional (OTB_USE_SIFTFAST cmake option)
* Support external tinyXML
* Support external muparser
* Support external libkml
* Add a FindOSSIM.cmake to detect OSSIM easier
* Update internal boost to 1.49.0
* Suppress galib from OTB source tree (wasn't used)
* Suppress KNN from OTB source tree (wasn't used)
* Enhance/Add find_package support for OpenThread, Ossim, Expat, PQxx, Curl, GetText, ICUUC and LTDL
* Make installation with OTB_WRAP_JAVA honor CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX
* New compilers supported :
* clang 3.2 (current development version)
* gcc 4.6, 4.7, 4.8-dev
* Intel icc
* Misc.
* Added FLTK License
* GDAL copyright notice removed because GDAL source code is not provided with OTB
* OpenJPEG copyright file updated
* Bug fixes :
* OTB-lib
* 0000535: Must rename test uaTvGeometricSarSenorModelAdapterTest in uaTvGeometricSarSenSorModelAdapterTest
* 0000532: OTB_SHOW_ALL_MSG_DEBUG option changes apTvClTrainSVMImagesClassifierQB456 test results
* 0000512: OTB cmake configuration warns for a gdal/geotiff conflict but I can open tiff file
* 0000511: Fixed application tags registered twice
* 0000495: Fixed also for StreamingImageVirtualWriter
* 0000515: Fix trouble with filename containing spaces in CommandLineLauncher
* 0000521: Fix ApplicationRegistry with a safe Init of the applications
* 0000476: Fix bug about multibaseline management
* 0000549: Adding an additionnal check ot see if output parameter is enabled before displaying it
* 0000550: SubPixelDisparityImageFilter : fix region management between right image and right mask
* OTB-applications
* 0000515: Space managing in command line
* 0000510: OTB-Applications cannot compile when the sources are located in a directory with spaces in its name
OSSIM: fix for mantis issue #422 - make QB metadata handling symetric
OSSIM: patch for matis issue #351 - EPSG 3857 support
Travail de JML sur l'optimization des GCP ?
OTB-v.3.12.0 - Changes since version 3.10.0 (2011/06/30)
OTB-v.3.12.0 - Changes since version 3.10.0 (2011/??/??)
* Library
* MaximumAutocorrelationFactorImageFilter
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