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OTB-v.6.2.0 - Changes since version 6.0.0 (October th, 2017)
* Request for Changes (
*Request for Changes-91: Better error messages (adopted, merged)
*Request for Changes-92: Build remote modules as standalone cmake projects (adopted, merged)
*Request for Changes-93: Update third party versions in Superbuild for 6.2 (adopted, merged)
*Request for Changes-94: CookBook licensed under cc-by-sa (adopted, merged)
*Request for Changes-95: Compile OTB with C++14 by default (adopted, merged)
*Request for Changes-96: Long help in otbcli (adopted, merged)
*Request for Changes-97: KMeansClassification reimplemented (adopted, merged)
*Request for Changes-98: Upgrade Monteverdi dependency from QWT 5 to QWT 6 (adopted, merged)
*Request for Changes-99: Refactor ExtractROI application (adopted, merged)
*Request for Changes-100: Add external soil file to Sail model (adopted, merged)
*Request for changes-102: Extend MachineLearningModel sample and target types (adopted, merged)
*Request for changes-103: Improve OTB Applications documentation (part 1) (adopted, merged)
*Request for changes-105: Simplify logging of composite applications (adopted, merged)
*Request for changes-106: All-in-one LSMS application (adopted, merged)
*Request for changes-107: Refactor Convert application (adopted, merged)
*Request for changes-108: Make OTB package great again (adopted, merged)
*Request for changes-109: Refactor PixelValue application (adopted, merged)
*Request for changes-111: SuperBuild dependencies additions for GDAL (adopted, merged)
*Request for changes-112: New-functor-filters (adopted, merged)
*Request for changes-114: Add Daniel McInerney as a new committer (adopted)
*Request for changes-115: Refactoring of DownloadSRTMTiles (adopted, merged)
* Bugfixes :
* Monteverdi
* 0001432: RGE Alti files inverted on Monteverdi
* 0001431: RGE Alti files inverted on Monteverdi
* OTB-Qgis
* 0001445: Mean shift segmentation ignoring mask OTB QGIS
* Orfeo Toolbox (OTB)
* 0001446: Write mode on the SampleExtraction application
* 0001444: cmake fails if OTB_DATA_LARGEINPUT_ROOT is set and OTB_DATA_ROOT is not set
* 0001443: Fails to build with cmake 3.9.0
* 0001440: Need to force string cast on SetParameterString method in python
* 0001439: GUI of ComputeOGRLayersFeaturesStatistics and OGRLayerClassifier crash on certain shape files
* 0001438: Input Value Type of Classification apps
* 0001420: Change layer name in Monteverdi has no effect
* 0001407: In TrainImagesClassifier, field selection gets reset all the time
* OTB-Packaging
* 0001404: OTB xdk 5.10.1 is not able to compile a simple program on a Ubuntu 16.04 VM
* OTB-applications
* 0001441: Error in param in template otbTrainLibSVM.txx
OTB-v.6.0.0 - Changes since version 5.10.1 (May 2th, 2017)
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