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DOC: add mantis report to the release notes

parent 488d42f4
......@@ -45,7 +45,25 @@ OTB-v.3.8.0 - Changes since version 3.6.0 (????/??/??)
* Internal ITK: removed compilation of medical image formats library and associated ImageIO
* Internal ITK: removed dependency on libtiff, libjpeg, libpng and zlib, now handled by gdal
* Support for gcc-4.5
* Bug fix:
* Monteverdi
* 0000216: Monteverdi viewer unable to display multi band images
* 0000193: Crash in vectorization module when the after the activation of the semi-automatic mode
* 0000195: unable to perform TSX calibration with the sar calibration module in monteverdi 1.4
* 0000207: Vectorization module shift coordinates
* 0000202: Error message "otbSVMModel.txx:310 eps <= O" in the SVM classification module
* 0000194: error message opening dataset in monteverdi (development version)
* 0000200: Monteverdi -in option does not open viewer anymore
* OTB-applications
* 0000213: Problem in denomination of otb process chain wrapped as qgis plugin
* 0000201: otbFastOrthoRectif switched back to double precision again
* OTB-lib
* 0000192: Crappy support of gdal: GDALImageIO
OTB-v.3.6.0 - Changes since version 3.4.0 (2010/10/07)
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