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Update release notes and the version number

parent a4c3c86a
......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ INCLUDE(SourceStatus)
# OTB version number. An even minor number corresponds to releases.
# Version string should not include patch level. The major.minor is
# enough to distinguish available features of the toolkit.
OTB-v.3.18.1 - Changes since version 3.18.0 (2013/07/22)
* Library
* Core and Third Parties
* Update the JPEG2000ImageIO to decrease cache consumption and avoid memory leak between OTB and internal OpenJPEG library
* Improve the control over the generation of GDAL overviews with a new method to set the resolution factor
* CMake
* remove OTBParseArguments from OTB source because it is not used
* Examples
* Update HelloWorld example CMakeLists
* Applications
* Updated applications
* Update Stereo application documentation example with new parameters
* Add a log message about color mapping method used by application
* Core Framework
* Intialize properly QtWidgetChoiceParameter
* Increase minimun cmake version to 2.8.3 wwhen build applications
OTB-v.3.18 - Changes since version 3.16 (2013/07/05)
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