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OTB-v.3.4.0 - Changes since version 3.2.0 (2010/06/30)
* Applications
* New utility otbConvertSensorToGeoPoint to convert from sensor coordinates to lon/lat
* otbExtractROI can change its output type
* New utility otbSplitImage to separate a multispectral image into N images
* otbConcatenateImage can change its output type
* otbConvert can now use a log transfer function when rescaling the image
* Library
* Add HillShadingFilter to produce hill shade image from DEM (HillShadingFilter)
* Add point set density function (gaussian, epanechnikov)
* Add filter to extract a subset from a point set (PointSetExtractROI)
* Add filter to apply a transform to a point set (TransformPointSetFilter)
* Add filter to generate a random point set (RandomPointSetSource)
* Add support for WorldView2 metadata
* Add class to compute confusion matrix (ConfusionMatrixCalculator)
* Add class to generate a list of samples from a vector data (ListSampleGenerator)
* Add a class to compute the ground spacing (GroundSpacingImageFunction)
* Add a class to read 6S spectral sensitivity files (SpectralSensitivityReader)
* Fix radiometry correction for SPOT5
* Lots of bug fixes
* System
* Internal ITK updated to 3.18.0 + OTB Patches
* Internal OSSIM updated to svn revision 16861 + OTB patches
* Internal OSSIM SAR plugins updated to svn revision 16952 + OTB patches
* Internal libkml updated to 1.2.0
* Internal siftfast updated to 1.2
* Internal boost updated to 1.42
OTB-v.3.2.0 - Changes since version 3.0.0 (2010/01/15)
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