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ENH: update the release note for 4.0

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OTB-v.4.0 - Changes since version 3.20 (2013/02/19)
* Library
* Core
* Change OTB API to support ITK with version 4.5 (More information is available in the migration guide at
* Refactoring otbAttributesMapOpeningLabelMapFilter to be compatible with ITKv4.5.0
* Remove Visualization part from OTB: all these projects are now in Monteverdi
* Rename EuclideanDistance as EuclideanDistanceMetric
* Remove otbMaskedScalarImageToGreyLevelCoocurenceMatrixGenerator
* Use local masks in otbHaralickTexturesImageFunction
* Remove methods of otbSystem.h which can be replaced by similar ones in itksys/SystemTools.hxx
* Move classes about Amplitude and Phase functors from visualzation to basic filter
* otbImageToLabelMapWithAttributesFilter inherits from itkImageToImageFilter instead of itkLabelMapFilter
* Overload GenerateInputRequestedRegion in otbImageToLabelMapWithAttributesFilter
* Override VerifyInputInformation in otbImportGeoInformationImageFilter
* Adding a gamma parameter in VectorRescaleIntensityImageFilter to allow for gamma correction
* Remove unused OTB_USE_SYSTEM_VXL and OTB_VXL_DIR from OTBConfig and UseOTB
* Improve support of VS2013
* Improve support of large files
* Testing
* Correct multibaseline support
* Move test related to amplitude and phase functor from visualization to basic filters
* CMake
* Use modern CMake style: no block-end arguments and all CMake command to lower case format
* ThirdParties
* OTB support now ITK with version greater to 4.5.0 (internal and external)
* Remove FLTK dependency
* Remove GETTEXT dependency
* Remove LIBLAS dependency
* Remove PQXX dependency
* Improve support of muparser 2.0
* Deactivate the possibility offered by CURL to download multiple files in parallel
* Support mapnik 2.2
* Applications
* Updated applications :
* Remove dependency of Colormapping to Visualization class
* Adding gamma correction method the convert application
* Core framework :
* Improve the support of XML parameters input/output file
* Improve the input VectorData/Image/Filename parameter to give access to m_Input attribute
* Bugs fixed :
* OTB-applications
* 0000884: InputImage parameter in java wrappers didn't overload the input parameters provided by input XML file
* 0000883: InputImageList parameter in pyhton wrappers didn't overload the input parameters provided by input XML file
* 0000873: BandMath application in gui mode "Save to xml" option doesn't save "exp" parameter
* 0000836: Error in Exact Large-Scale Mean-Shift segmentation, step 2
* 0000824: otbgui_Orthorectification : changing the input image does not update UTM parameters
* 0000881: GenerateRPCSensorModel application generate stats file with wrong elevation value
* OTB-lib
* 0000878: apTvDmStereoFramework fails with muParser 2.2
* 0000850: apTvDmBlockMatchingTest Parser error Unexpected token if
* 0000862: Cannot build OTB with mapnik 2.2
* 0000858: cannot build otb tests with ITK trunk
* 0000851: Build error on test 0000169-fftcomplextocomplex
* 0000861: CMake detects mapnik 2.2.0 as mapnik 0.7
* 0000859: Unable to compile OTB trunk with external ITK trunk
* Orfeo Toolbox (OTB)
* 0000849: otbgui applications scrambled file names
* 0000863: ConvertSensorToGeoPoint application in GUI mode execute button is not activate even if all parameters seem to be filled
* 0000872: Internal ITK 4.4.2 and ITK 4.5.0 source codes are mixed together in the OTB internal ITK source directory
* 0000864: MultiResolutionPyramid MTV2 is in an endless loop of generation if the parameter "Number of levels" is set with a negative value
* 0000830: otb::PolyLineImageConstIterator returns reference to temporary variable
* 0000823: problem with python wrapper for otbApplication 'rasterization'
* Documentation
* 0000838: ITK classes disappeared from doxygen during migration to ITK 4.x
OTB-v.3.20 - Changes since version 3.18.1 (2013/11/13)
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