Commit eb5943f1 authored by Manuel Grizonnet's avatar Manuel Grizonnet

DOC:update release notes with ImageToSURFKeyPointSet filter improvements

parent 011d5728
......@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@ OTB-v.3.10.0 - Changes since version 3.8.0 (2011/06/16)
* Add OSMDataToVectorDataGenerator : Class implementing the download of the OSM file relative to an extent and a parser to generate VectorData from OSM Datas
* Add ImageToOSMVectorDataGenerator : Helper class to compute the extent of an image, use OSMDataToVectorDataGenerator for VectorData generation
* Add VectorDataTransformFilter : Apply an affine transform to a VectorData
* ImageToSURFKeyPointSetFilter : algorithmic improvements
* System
* Compilation on Windows and MacOS with mapnik
* Update internal tinyXML to 2.6
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