Commit f903ded2 authored by Guillaume Pasero's avatar Guillaume Pasero

DOC: document the role and limits of OTB_USE_OPENMP

parent c2e031eb
......@@ -233,7 +233,14 @@ endif()
option(OTB_USE_DEPRECATED "Turn on the use and test of deprecated classes" OFF)
# Although the OpenMP option looks like a 3rd party module, it is NOT. This option
# is handled with other compilation flags in file OTBSetStandardCompilerFlags.cmake
# before any module is parsed or enabled (see OTBModuleEnablement.cmake later on
# during configure). Trying to modify this option from any module is
# useless. Any 3rd party module dragging OpenMP should append
# the corresponding flags to CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS, CMAKE_EXE_LINKER_FLAGS, and so on.
option(OTB_USE_OPENMP "Add openmp compiler and linker flags" OFF)
option(OTB_USE_SSE_FLAGS "Enable SIMD optimizations (hardware dependent)." ON)
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