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      ENH: install descriptors in share/otb/description · a5bd3a21
      Rashad Kanavath authored
      share/otb directory contains i18n and maybe other data files for OTB.
      This allows to simply some code.
      * avoid search and install of i18n files in package scripts
      * use of OTB_INSTALL_DESCR cmake variable for storing qgis description
      * install qgis description to share/otb/description in all cases:
       ** build directory, otb, superbuild, remote modules?
       ** generate of missing description file when loading qgis plugin. (This
       always goes to share/otb/description)
       ** packaging in debian, ubuntu and binary packages
      * unversioned otb doc folder. share/doc/OTB-X.Y -> share/doc/otb. This is where all VERSION , LICENSE are kept.
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      ENH: install share dir share/OTB-X.Y -> share/otb · dde5ad51
      Rashad Kanavath authored
      qgis descriptors are copied to share/otb/description.
      This ends up with share/otb/ and share/OTB-X.Y
      It is better to have a single directory for and it should be
      share/otb and not a versioned. Changes included in packaging
      script show non-versioned 'otb' directory in share is easy to
      manage than a verisoned one. In any case, users cannot keep
      multiple versions of OTB under same prefix.
      This was breifly discussed in issue :
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