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DOC: add illustration for sen2cor snow detection

parent 0f20b234
......@@ -236,5 +236,5 @@ the input Level 2A Sentinel2 product showing the outlines of the cloud
(including cloud shadow) and snow masks drawn on the RGB composition of the L2A
image (bands SWIR/Red/Green):
Inline-style: ![alt text](images/artos-lis-compo.png "Mount Artos Sentinel-2A
![alt text](images/artos-lis-compo.png "Mount Artos Sentinel-2A
Snow detection result")
......@@ -55,3 +55,6 @@ output_dir_lis/param_test.json
LIS products are available in LIS_PRODUCTS sub-directory.
![alt text](images/artos-lis-compo-sen2cor.png "Mount Artos SEN2COR Sentinel-2A
Snow detection result")
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