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## Synopsis
This code is a Python/OTB version of the demonstrator of the snow detection algorithm for Sentinel-2 images.
The input files were generated from L2 images downloaded from Theia Land and pre-processed by three shell scripts:
decompresse_*.sh, to unzip the files
decoupe_*.sh, to extract a rectangle AOI from L2A data using gdal_translate with projection window defined in the ascii file AOI_test_CESNeige.csv
projette_mnt_*.sh, to project the SRTM DEM and resample at 30m or 20m (Landsat8 or Take5) over the same AOI. It uses gdalwarp with the cubicspline option
Thenn the snow detection is performed in a Python script.
## Code Example
......@@ -9,27 +17,50 @@ export PYTHONPATH=${lis-build-dir}/bin/:$PYTHONPATH
Run the main python script:
python param.json
## Motivation
Code to generate CES Neige products on theia platforms
## Installation
to configure on venus calc:
### Dependencies
lis dependencies:
GDAL >=1.9
OTB >= 5.0
Python interpreter >= 2.7
Python libs >= 2.7
GDAL itself depends on a number of other libraries provided by most major operating systems and also depends on the non standard GEOS and PROJ4 libraries. GDAl- Python bindings are also required
Python package dependencies:sys, subprocess,glob,os,json,gdal
## Installing from the source distribution
to configure OTB on venus calc:
source /mnt/data/home/otbtest/
# Then build the lis project using cmake
cd $build_dir
## API Reference
## Tests
Unable tests with BUILD_TESTING cmake option
## Contributors
Manuel Grizonnet (CNES), Simon Gascoin (CNRS)
## License
This is free software under the GPL v3 licence. See for details.
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