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small format fix

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......@@ -131,7 +131,7 @@ make
## Tests
Enable tests with BUILD_TESTING cmake option.
Enable tests with BUILD_TESTING cmake option. Use ctest to run tests. Do not forget to clean your output test directory when you run a new set of tests.
Download LIS-Data folder. It contains all the data needed to run tests. Set Data-LIS path var in cmake configuration files.
Baseline : Baseline data folder. It contains output files of S2Snow that have been reviewed and validated.
......@@ -28,23 +28,23 @@ def format_LIS(snow_detector):
ext = "TIF"
#TODO associate product name with let-it-snow results to make a loop
code_snow_all = "_SNOW_ALL_"
code_snow_all = "_SNOW_ALL"
str_snow_all = product_id+code_snow_all+"."+ext
str_snow_all = str_snow_all.upper()
copyfile(op.join(pout, "snow_all.tif"), op.join(pout, str_snow_all))
code_compo = "_COMPO_"
code_compo = "_COMPO"
str_compo = product_id+code_compo+"."+ext
str_compo = str_compo.upper()
copyfile(op.join(pout, "composition.tif"), op.join(pout, str_compo))
code_seb = "_SEB_"
code_seb = "_SEB"
str_seb = product_id+code_seb+"."+ext
str_seb = str_seb.upper()
format_SEB_values(op.join(pout, "final_mask.tif"), ram)
copyfile(op.join(pout, "final_mask.tif"), op.join(pout, str_seb))
code_seb_vec = "_SEB_VEC_"
code_seb_vec = "_SEB_VEC"
for f in glob.glob(op.join(pout, "final_mask_vec.*")):
extension = op.splitext(f)[1]
str_seb_vec = product_id+code_seb_vec+extension
......@@ -61,7 +61,10 @@ def format_LIS(snow_detector):
etree.SubElement(egil, "QUALITY_INDEX", name='CloudPercent').text = str(cloud_percent)
et = etree.ElementTree(root)
et.write(op.join(pout, "metadata.xml"), pretty_print = True)
code_metadata = "_METADATA"
str_metadata = product_id+code_metadata+".xml"
str_metadata = str_metadata.upper()
copyfile(op.join(pout, "metadata.xml"), op.join(pout, str_metadata))
def format_SEB_values(path, ram):
call(["otbcli_BandMath", "-il", path, "-out", path, "uint8", "-ram",str(ram), "-exp", "(im1b1==1)?100:(im1b1==2)?205:255"])
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