Commit 98c10b39 authored by Germain Salgues's avatar Germain Salgues
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UPDATE: add slope correction flag parameters to doc/atbd/schema.json

parent 505ba2ed
......@@ -201,6 +201,18 @@
"title": "The Dem schema.",
"type": "string"
"div_mask": {
"description": "Input other mask image for slope correction flag (optional in MASK directory for Theia product *DIV*.TIF).",
"id": "div_mask",
"title": "The div_mask schema.",
"type": "string"
"div_slope_thres": {
"description": "Input threshold of div_mask image to determine the flag for slope correction (optional for Theia product).",
"id": "div_slope_thres",
"title": "The Div_slope_thres schema.",
"type": "int"
"green_band": {
"id": "green_band",
"properties": {
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