Commit d179d8c3 authored by Manuel Grizonnet's avatar Manuel Grizonnet
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ENH: cmake trick for boost python not require anymore with recent cmake

parent f3584811
......@@ -41,23 +41,6 @@ include_directories( ${PYTHON_INCLUDE_DIRS} )
find_package( Boost COMPONENTS python REQUIRED )
#On cnes cluster there is an issue loading boost required library
#Boost_LIBRARIES should contain here libboost_python*.so, on cluster it is optimizedboost_python-mt-shareddebugboost_python-mt-shared-debug
#As it is a silent bug on cmake level we need to check the configuration by hand
#So check the content of boost library
message(STATUS "boost lib " ${Boost_LIBRARIES})
string(REGEX MATCH ".*libboost_python.*" BOOSTPYTHONLIB ${Boost_LIBRARIES})
message(STATUS "boost lib match " ${BOOSTPYTHONLIB})
message(WARNING "Unable to find boost python component. Need to override boost python libs with custom path (Boost_Python_Lib cmake variable). Related to buggy FindBoost.cmake on the cluster.")
set (Boost_Python_Lib "$ENV{BOOSTHOME}/lib/"
CACHE PATH "Location of (used on the cluster as FindBoost.cmake is buggy.")
set(Boost_LIBRARIES ${Boost_Python_Lib})
include_directories( ${Boost_INCLUDE_DIR} )
# Link to the Orfeo ToolBox
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