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  • ctest_and_s2_param   s2 rf param to 12, and cherry-pick update from simon
  • v1.0.0   Tagged version 1.0.0 for snow covered product chain
    747c1fe2 · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • wrong_version   wrong version in run_detector
  • 1.1.0   LIS release version 1.1.0: - use gdal python bindings to avoid subprocess call (need to do the same for otb) - improve testing (more tests, with s2 extract, comment test related to dbf...) - Update documentation related to validation datasets availale now on zenodo - move from gpl to afero gpl
  • 1.1.1   version 1.1.1
  • 1.2   LIS version 1.2
  • 1.2.1   - fix segfault if no bin in histogram of altitudes - fix link error related to python library (boost python)
  • 1.3   Added Use gdal_trace_outline from the gina-alaska package instead of gdal_polygonize if available Changed Move OTB minimum 6.0.0 which include a fix to handle properly 1 byte TIFF image Restore and document correct behaviour for LIS installation with install target(lib, bin,include, python) New QGIS style files for raster and vector LIS product Use OTB Application Python API instead of call to subprocess Use Python Logging module for Python scripts instead of using print Changed compute_cloud_mask and compute_snow_mask by OTB applications Added a new app to generate the JSON configuration file (build_json.py) Changed the way the product is generated to avoid data duplication Change rasterize step to contour detection using 8 connectivity to generate the rgb composition Improved detection by adjusting default parameter red_pass2 from 0.120 to 0.40 Improve code quality (pep8 and pylint) Improve installation instructions in the README.md Fix cpu usage to respect the "nb_threads" parameter set in the json file. The output product now use the input product directory name as PRODUCT_ID in the xml file.
  • 1.3.1   Version 1.3.1
  • 1.4   Tag for lis version 1.4
  • 1.5   Tag for lis version 1.5
    Release 1.5

    [1.5] - 2019-01-11


    • The snow annual map module is now operational, the associated files are:
      • app/run_snow_annual_map.py, the main application
      • python/s2snow/snow_annual_map.py, the core of the annual map processing
      • python/s2snow/snow_annual_map_evaluation.py, provide the possibility to compare with other snow products and modis snow annual map
      • python/s2snow/snow_product_parser.py, class to handle the supported type of snow products
      • doc/snow_annual_map_schema.json, parameters descriptions
      • hpc/prepare_data_for_snow_annual_map.py, preprocessing script on CNES HPC,
      • doc/tutorials/prepare_snow_annual_map_data.md, tutorial
    • Provided new data pack for tests "Data-LIS-1.5"
    • Add tests for snow annual map computation
    • The version of the s2snow module is now stored in file python/s2snow/version.py
    • Add support and tests for zipped products in build_json.py and run_snow_detector.py,
    • Add a mode to build_json.py script to configure and run LIS on Level 2A MAJA native products
    • Add a tutorial to describe how to run LIS on MAJA native products
    • Add a mode to build_json.py script to configure and run LIS on SEN2COR Level 2A products
    • Add a tutorial to describe how to run LIS on SEN2COR products
    • Add a mode to build_json.py script to configure and run LIS on U.S. Landsat Analysis Ready Data (ARD) Level 2A products
    • Add a tutorial to describe how to run LIS on Landsat ARD products
    • The expert mask now includes a 5th bit for the clouds that were present in the product/original cloud mask
    • The expert mask now includes an optional 6th bit propagating the slope correction flag from the product mask when available
    • The cold cloud removal (pass 1.5) now use an area threshold to process only significant snow areas within clouds and reduce time.
    • Link ATBD and LIS Data for test validation to their Zenodo DOI in README.md


    • Fix all python scripts headers to avoid to mix python versions
    • Fix preprocessing json option which was broken which allows to resample input DTM
    • Fix typos in README.md documentation
    • Change nodata management (read -32768 from input and write 0 in the output) in DTM resampling to avoid error in snow line estimation on area without DTM information
  • 1.6   Tag for lis version 1.6
    Release 1.6

    [1.6] - 2020-04


    • New snow FSC product (parameters json schema modification fsc / cosims_mode)
    • New feature allowing to mask data (parameters json schema modification water_mask)
    • Adapt snow synthesis treatment in order to take THEIA L2B Snow as inputs (from datalake)
    • Add app/build_snow_annual_map_json.py, which create the params.json for snow_annual_map
    • Rename Snow_Occurence into SCD for (Snow Coverage Duration) (#41)
    • Add metadata generation for snow_annual_map (#39)
    • Change nodata from 254 to 255 (#29)
    • Add SMOD, SOD, NOBS syntheses
    • Migration to python3
    • Migration to OTB7
    • Rename "DN" shapefile column intto "SEB"for Snow Extend Binary(#10)
    • Change license from AGPL to Apache v2
    • Add synthesis description into README.md
    • Add CLA documents in doc/cla
    • Add new LIS style files


    • Inaccurate temporal interpolation (#48)
    • Fix error on write call (python 2to3 problem) (#41)
    • Fix links in CONTRIBUTING.md
    • Update files header (adding license header)
    • Fix the coherence between build_json.py and schema.json
    • Fix latex errors in ATBD
    • Fix cases when TCD>100


    • COMP file is no more generated (not used, representing more that 50% product size) (#37)
    • Remove old/ directory
    • Remove legacy/ sub directories except /doc
  • 1.6.1   Patch 1 - fix path_out creation if not existing
  • 1.6.2   Patch 2 - Fix metadata creation when no densification
    dae76deb · Patch 1.6.2 ·
  • 1.6.3   Patch 3 - Manage Muscate format for Landsat densification products.
  • 1.6.4   Patch 4 fix zs computation
  • 1.6.5   Patch 1.6.5 - Fix #68 Run snow annual map logs are not written into the log file
    Release 1.6.5

    #68 - Run snow annual map logs are not written into the log file

  • 1.6.6   Patch 1.6.5 - Fix #69 add compression to syntheses
    85c4ca83 · Patch 1.6.6 ·