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Line Segment Detector (CMLA Algorithm)
Remote module for OTB
Copyright (c) 2007-2011 rafael grompone von gioi <>
Copyright 2018 CNES
This program contains source code licensed under GNU Affrero General Public License :
- include/lsd.h
- src/lsd.c
The overall remote module is licensed under ...
......@@ -66,10 +66,16 @@ private:
void DoInit()
SetDocName("Line Segment Detector (CMLA implementation)");
SetDescription("Linear-time Line Segment Detector giving subpixel accurate results");
SetDocName("Line Segment Detector (CMLA implementation) : \
Rafael Grompone von Gioi1, Jérémie Jakubowicz, Jean-Michel Morel, Gregory Randall4");
SetDocLongDescription("Linear-time Line Segment Detector giving subpixel accurate results ; \
It is designed to work on any digital image without parameter tuning. \
It controls its own number of false detections: On average, one false alarms is allowed per image. \
The method is based on Burns, Hanson, and Riseman's method, \
and uses an a-contrario validation approach according to Desolneux, Moisan, and Morel's theory. \
The version described here includes some further improvement over the one described in the original article.");
SetDocAuthors("Julien Michel");
......@@ -104,7 +110,7 @@ private:
SetParameterDescription("logeps","Detection threshold");
AddParameter(ParameterType_Float,"densityth","Minimal density of regions");
AddParameter(ParameterType_Float,"densityth","Minimal density of regions");
SetParameterDescription("densityth","Minimal density of region points in a rectangle to be accepted.");
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