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# General
This is a template module for the ORFEO
Toolbox( It is designed to work with OTBv5
......@@ -9,52 +8,50 @@ This module is empty it is just a template to be used as a starting point for a
module with actual content. It contains the template for sources (src folder),
test (test folder) and application (app folder).
Getting Started
# Getting Started
The official OTB Wiki documentation on adding an external module is here:
The official OTB Wiki documentation on adding an external module is
Remote Module
## Remote Module
After a module has been created as a git repository it can be included
as a remote module, which enables automatic fetching. Add a file in
"OTB/Modules/Remote" called "YourModule.remote.cmake", for this module
it would be "ExternalExample.remote.cmake" with the followlowing contents:
"A template for a module."
GIT_TAG master
### Editing
The CMakeLists.txt and otb-modules need to be modified with the name of the
module, something along the following:
sed 's/ExternalTemplate/MyModule/g' CMakeLists.txt otb-module.cmake
There is the inplace option to sed, but it's not portable, so do this change by
hand or look up the option in sed.
Then hack away at you code in include, src, test and app folders.
### License
This software is distributed under the Apache License. Please see LICENSE for
### Author
Manuel Grizonnet
### Thanks
It is a fork of the ITK template module provided by Bradley Lowekamp
( which was adapted for the
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