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......@@ -3,20 +3,44 @@ General
This is a module for ITK: The Insight Toolkit for Segmentation and
Registration. It is designed to work with the ITKv4 modular system and
be places it ITK/Modules/External.
to be places it ITK/Modules/External.
This modular is empty it is just a template to be used as a starting
point for a module with acutal content.
Getting Started
The official ITKv4 Wiki documentation on adding an external module is here:
The following is a breif list of instructions to get a external module
started in a repository:
mkdir ITK/Modules/External/itkMyModule
cd ITK/Modules/External/itkMyModule
git init
git fetch
git merge FETCH_HEAD
The CMakeLists.txt and itk-modules need to be modified with the name
of the module, something along the following:
sed 's/ExternalTemplate/MyModule/g' CMakeLists.txt itk-module.cmake
There is the inplace option to sed, but it's not portable, so do this
change by hand or look up the option in sed.
Then hack away at you code in include, src, and tests.
This software is distributed under the Apache License. Please see
LICENSE for details.
LICENSE for details.
Bradley Lowekamp
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Bradley Lowekamp
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ file( READ "${MY_CURENT_DIR}/README" DOCUMENTATION )
# The testing module in ITKExternalTemplate depends on ITKTestKernel
# and ITKMetaIO(besides ITKExternalTemplate and ITKCore)
# define the dependencies of the include module and the tests
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