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DOC: enhance documentation about the template module

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cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.8.9)
cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.10.2)
# This module create a library, with the same name as the module
set(ExternalTemplate_LIBRARIES ExternalTemplate)
# Handle the compilation outside OTB source tree: find where OTB is built/installed
find_package(OTB REQUIRED)
# The Python interpreter is needed for Python tests
find_package( PythonInterp REQUIRED)
# This script will process the module sources
......@@ -3,15 +3,17 @@
[![Build Status](](
This is a template module for the ORFEO
Toolbox( It is designed to work with OTBv5
modular system and to be places in OTB/Module/Remote.
Toolbox( It is designed to work with OTB >= 5.0
modular system. The module can be clone/copied in `OTB/Module/Remote` and
compiled along with other OTB modules. However, it is also possible to build it
as a standalone module.
This module is empty it is just a template to be used as a starting point for a
module with actual content. It contains the template for:
This module is filled with a few templates to be used as a starting point for a
module with actual content. It contains the templates for:
* sources (`src` folder)
* includes and templated classes (`include` folder)
* application (`app` folder)
* a library (`cxx` source in `src` folder)
* headers and templated classes (`include` folder)
* a OTB Application (`app` folder)
* tests for C++ sources, applications and python wrappers (`test` folder)
This module also has its own continuous integration scripts (using Travis CI).
......@@ -38,7 +40,7 @@ otb_fetch_module(ExternalTemplate
### Editing
The CMakeLists.txt and otb-modules need to be modified with the name of the
The files `CMakeLists.txt` and `otb-module.cmake` need to be modified with the name of the
module, something along the following:
......@@ -50,14 +52,37 @@ hand or look up the option in sed.
Then hack away at you code in include, src, test and app folders.
### Continuous Integration
This module contains default files to enable Continuous Integration on
* `travis-ci.yml` : this is the backbone of the CI process in Travis-CI, it
defines the different jobs to run, and their environment
* `ci.cmake` : this CTest script drives the build and test process.
* `` : this script is used on Windows to export variables from
`vcvarsall.bat` to the Git-Bash executor.
The `` starts with a Travis-CI badge, you can change it to match your
own module.
If you need to access data file from `OTB/Data`, you can tune the file
`ci.cmake` which will download them for you before building:
* `RM_GET_FULL_DATA`: this flag will download all files under `OTB/Data`
* `RM_DATA_PATTERNS`: this variable allows to download only the files you need.
Set this variable to a list of patterns (for instance
`Data/Input/QB_Toulouse_*.tif`). This method should be faster.
### License
This software is distributed under the Apache License. Please see LICENSE for
### Author
### Authors
Manuel Grizonnet
Guillaume Pasero
### Thanks
# This macro creates the application EmptyApp. It must be linked to
# OTBApplicationEngine. Since the module has its own library,
# the variable ${otb-module}_LIBRARIES only contains this library, which doesn't
# drag OTBApplicationEngine, so we need to add it explicitely.
SOURCES otbEmptyApp.cxx
LINK_LIBRARIES ${${otb-module}_LIBRARIES} ${OTBApplicationEngine_LIBRARIES}
#ifndef otbSomeFile_h
#define otbSomeFile_h
// this header defines export macros, such as ExternalTemplate_EXPORT.
// On Windows, it is replaced by declspec import/export
#include "ExternalTemplateExport.h"
namespace otb {
set(DOCUMENTATION "OTB module template.")
# OTB_module() defines the module dependencies in ExternalTemplate
# ExternalTemplate depends on OTBCommon and OTBApplicationEngine
# The testing module in ExternalTemplate depends on OTBTestKernel
# and OTBCommandLine
# otb_module() defines the module dependencies of ExternalTemplate.
# ExternalTemplate depends on:
# - OTBCommon (base dependency of all modules)
# - OTBApplicationEngine (because we build an application in the module, see 'app' folder)
# The tests of module ExternalTemplate drag additional dependencies:
# - OTBTestKernel (needed for any test driver)
# - OTBCommandLine (needed to run tests on applications)
# - OTBSWIG (needed to run tests with Python bindings)
# The option ENABLE_SHARED is needed because this module creates a shared
# library. It generates a header with usefull export macros
# (ExternalTemplateExport.h), so that other binaries can link to this library.
# define the dependencies of the include module and the tests
......@@ -14,6 +22,7 @@ otb_module(ExternalTemplate
#${otb-module} will be the name of this module and will not need to be
#changed when this module is renamed.
# ${otb-module} will be the name of this module, and also the name of its
# library. It will not need to be changed when this module is renamed.
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ otb_test_application(NAME otbEmptyAppTest
APP EmptyApp
# Test a Python script using OTB Applications
# Test a Python script using OTB Applications bindings.
set(TEST_DRIVER otbTestDriver
--add-before-env OTB_APPLICATION_PATH $<TARGET_FILE_DIR:otbapp_EmptyApp> )
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