Commit 054e710f authored by Julie Brossard's avatar Julie Brossard
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Merge branch '22-create-changelog' into 'develop'

Resolve "Create Changelog"

See merge request !24
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Features added:
* !22: "Update L2Reader to be compliant with Muscate-ARD format" by Julie Brossard
* !13: "Modification of WASP to perform tasks with 60m images" by Alexandre Fiche
Bugs fixed:
* !28: "Add nodata parameters in gdalwarp" by Alexandre Fiche
* !25: "Replace with BandMath" by Alexandre Fiche
* !26: "Fix issue with no SRE bands in L2 product in manage_xml for light mode" by Alexandre Fiche
* !21: "Update OTB version to 7.4" by Julie Brossard
* !23: "Change WASP_TEST env var into a cmake option" by Julie Brossard
* !19: "[TEST] Set LD_LIBRARY_PATH and PYTHONPATH before adding python test" by Julie Brossard
* !17: "Add test apps with 60m images" by Julie Brossard
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