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Change Docker images naming scheme

Move the step information from the tag to the name.
s1tiling-base and s1tiling-step are different products.
While s1tiling-XXX:fedora... and s1tiling-XXX:ubuntu... are different
flavors of the same product.
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......@@ -16,14 +16,14 @@ docker-build:
--verbosity warn
--context $CI_PROJECT_DIR/
--dockerfile $CI_PROJECT_DIR/fedora/base/Dockerfile
--destination $CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE/s1tiling:fedora-otb${OTB_VERSION}-base
--destination $CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE/s1tiling-base:fedora-otb${OTB_VERSION}
- /kaniko/executor --cleanup
--verbosity warn
--context $CI_PROJECT_DIR/
--dockerfile $CI_PROJECT_DIR/ubuntu/base/Dockerfile
--destination $CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE/s1tiling:ubuntu-otb${OTB_VERSION}-base
--destination $CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE/s1tiling-base:ubuntu-otb${OTB_VERSION}
- /kaniko/executor --cleanup
--verbosity warn
--context $CI_PROJECT_DIR/
--dockerfile $CI_PROJECT_DIR/ubuntu/dev/Dockerfile
--destination $CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE/s1tiling:ubuntu-otb${OTB_VERSION}-dev
--destination $CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE/s1tiling-dev:ubuntu-otb${OTB_VERSION}
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ path/to/scripts/ -os ubuntu --type all /the/path/to/OTB-?.?.?-Li
The script will automatically:
1. Deduce OTB version from the binary package
2. Create the docker images `s1tiling:{ubuntu}-otb-{version}-{conf}` for all
2. Create the docker images `s1tiling-{conf}:{ubuntu}-otb-{version}` for all
the configurations: `base`, `dev` and `user`
......@@ -51,33 +51,33 @@ Then execute
cd ubuntu/base
docker build -t s1tiling:ubuntu-otb7.3.0-base --build-arg OTB_VERSION=7.3.0 .
docker build -t s1tiling-base:ubuntu-otb7.3.0 --build-arg OTB_VERSION=7.3.0 .
- The version number shall match the release version of OTB.
- The name (tag!) of the produced image needs to match
`s1tiling:{os}-otb{version-M.m.p}-base` as other images buid procedures will
`s1tiling-base:{os}-otb{version-M.m.p}` as other images buid procedures will
depend on it.
### `dev` images
This step depends on `s1tiling:{os}-otb{version-M.m.p}-base`.
This step depends on `s1tiling-base:{os}-otb{version-M.m.p}`.
Just execute
cd ubuntu/dev
docker build -t s1tiling:ubuntu-otb7.3.0-dev --build-arg OTB_VERSION=7.3.0 .
docker build -t s1tiling-dev:ubuntu-otb7.3.0 --build-arg OTB_VERSION=7.3.0 .
### `user` images
This step depends on `s1tiling:{os}-otb{version-M.m.p}-base`.
This step depends on `s1tiling-base:{os}-otb{version-M.m.p}`.
Just execute
cd ubuntu/user
docker build -t s1tiling:ubuntu-otb7.3.0-user --build-arg OTB_VERSION=7.3.0 .
docker build -t s1tiling-user:ubuntu-otb7.3.0 --build-arg OTB_VERSION=7.3.0 .
......@@ -215,7 +215,7 @@ for step in "${type_list[@]}" ; do
_is_set step_pwds["${step}"] && wrk_dir="${step_pwds["${step}"]}" || wrk_dir="${step_dir}"
echo "* Building ${os}/${step} from ${wrk_dir}"
(_execute cd "${wrk_dir}" &&
_execute docker build -t ${repository}:${os}-otb${OTB_VERSION}-${step} --build-arg OTB_VERSION="${OTB_VERSION}" ${step_args["${step}"]} .)
_execute docker build -t ${repository}/s1tiling-${step}:${os}-otb${OTB_VERSION} --build-arg OTB_VERSION="${OTB_VERSION}" ${step_args["${step}"]} .)
#docker push
......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
# =========================================================================
FROM ${REPOSITORY}:ubuntu-otb${OTB_VERSION}-base
FROM ${REPOSITORY}/s1tiling-base:ubuntu-otb${OTB_VERSION}
LABEL maintainer="CS GROUP France"
LABEL version="1.0"
LABEL description="This docker allows to test S1Tiling"
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