Commit 5cace4b3 authored by Sébastien Dinot's avatar Sébastien Dinot

Achille Talon is a fake account

This account was used during a technical approval to verify the
contribution process and rights allowed to a new contributor. It
must not appears as a contributor in the Git history.
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Achille Talon <>
Alexia Mondot <>
Amit Kulkarni <>
Angelos Tzotsos <>
......@@ -80,6 +79,7 @@ Romain Garrigues <>
Rosa Ruiloba <>
Sébastien Dinot <>
Sébastien Dinot <> Sebastien Dinot <>
Sébastien Dinot <> Achille Talon <>
Sebastien Harasse <>
Stephane Albert <>
Stephane Albert <> Stephane Albert <>
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