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DOC: corner cases with Python API

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No metadata in Numpy arrays
With the Numpy module, it is possible to convert images between OTB and Numpy
arrays. For instance, when converting from OTB to Numpy array:
* An ``Update()`` of the underlying ``otb::VectorImage`` is requested. Be aware
that the full image is generated.
* The pixel buffer is copied into a ``numpy.array``
As you can see, there is no export of the metadata, such as origin, spacing,
projection WKT. It means that if you want to import back a Numpy array into OTB,
the image won't have any of these metadata. It can be a problem for applications
doing geometry, projections, and also calibration.
Future developments will probably offer a more adapted structure to import and
export images between OTB and Python world.
Setting of boolean parameters
Most of the parameters are set using functions ``SetParameterXXX()``. The boolean
parameters are handled differently (also called Empty parameter). Let's take an example with the application
.. code-block:: python
import otbApplication as otb
app = otb.Registry.CreateApplication("ReadImageInfo")
If you want the get the state of parameter ``keywordlist``, a boolean, use:
.. code-block:: python
To set this parameter ON / OFF, use the functions:
.. code-block:: python
Don't try to use other functions to set the state of a boolean. For instance,
try the following commands:
.. code-block:: python
app.SetParameterInt("keywordlist", 0)
You will get a state ``True`` even if you asked the opposite.
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