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This is a self-extracting binary which extracts itself in the current directory. Testing the installation is done like in the Linux case.
\section{Python install for OTB}
Starting from OTB 5.8.0, OTB bindings for Python 2.7 are distributed with binary package. With OTB 6.4.0, additional bindings for Python 3.5 are also included. Please note that using a different Python version may not be compatible with OTB wrappings. If no compatible Python 2.x version is found a notification is generated during the installation process. If the installation completes without issue, information relating to your Python bindings will be provided.
You must have Python numpy bindings installed in your system. They can be installed locally without admin rights as follows: “pip install –user numpy”. This is to give users the option to select their own existing Python installation rather than the one dibstributed by the OTB package.
By default, bindings for Python 2.7 will be enabled with the otbenv script. If you want to use bindings for Python 3.5, you can copy this script and modify:
lib/python into lib/python3, for variable PYTHONPATH
\item You must use monteverdi and mapla through and helper scripts in extracted directory.
\item The helper scripts for monteverdi and mapla set required environment variables
\item You might be tempted to move “OTB-6.4.0-Linux64” into another location say /usr/local/ after extraction. But avoid this action!
\item To have “OTB-6.4.0-Linux64” installed in /usr/local or /opt execute “” in that directory.
\item Multiple installation of OTB can exists in same system without one conflicting the other!
In order to test the Python OTB dependencies, try:
\item Launch the python console (Linux: ./python ; Windows: python.exe)
\item Try: import numpy
\item Try: import otbApplication
If no error message is printed, everything is fine. If not, check the Python version (2.7 or 3.5), and the PATH and PYTHONPATH variables.
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