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Online data deprecation

Antoine Regimbeau requested to merge onlineData_deprecation into develop

This MR closes #1690 (closed).
The following classes have been deprecated :

  • TileMapImageIO
  • TileMapImageIOFactory
  • TileMapImageIOHelper
  • PlaceNameToLonLat

Tests are still in place. Same for documentation.
The only two tests removed are the one from !165 (closed)


CMake file

M       CMake/OTBModuleMacros.cmake

is modified to allow definition of ${module_name}_DEPRECATED and ${module_name}_DEPRECATED_EXPORT.

M       Modules/IO/Carto/src/CMakeLists.txt
M       Modules/IO/IOTileMap/CMakeLists.txt

are modified to exclude from the build tree the deprecated class PlaceNameToLonLat and the whole module OTBIOTileMap.

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