Metadata reading from compound datasets

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Improve the detection of metadata for sub-datasets ( SENTINEL1 SAFE, ...)


It was implemented to solve #1589 (closed).

Implementation Details

Classes and files

In a nutshell, we can use the list of files attached to a dataset (see GDALDataset::GetFileList() ) as a final step when looking for OSSIM sensor models.

This list is stored in otb::ImageIOBase, empty by default. Only GDALImageIO can fill it for now. The ImageFileReader will try this list when no keywordlist has been found so far.


A tests has been added in OTBImageIO to verify the loading of a keywordlist from a VRT file.


The SoftwareGuide has been updated (sensor model section).

Additional notes

The following use cases are now working:

Input path Keywordlist detected ?
S1A_IW_SLC_[...].SAFE Yes: IW1 image
S1A_IW_SLC_[...].SAFE/manifest.xml Yes: IW1 image
SENTINEL1_DS:S1A_IW_SLC_[...].SAFE:IW2_VV Yes: IW2 image
S1A_IW_SLC_[...].SAFE?sdataidx=2 Yes: IW3 image
iw1_vv_vh.vrt (stack of VV and VH) Yes: IW1 VV image

As shown, it also works with VRT files, it can load the metadata from the first raster source. This enables the orthorectification of sensor images in a VRT stack.

At the moment, any geom file associate with an attached file is ignored, but this could be added if there is a valid use case.


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