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Add class probability output for RF classifiers

Jordi Inglada requested to merge classifier_probability_output into develop


Add an output to the ImageClassifier application providing an image with the probability of each class for each pixel.


The image has as many channels as the number of classes and each channel stores the probability of a class in the order of the labels. Only the implementation for SharkRF has been done.

Implementation Details

Classes and files

Many files and classes are touched, since the approach is to add a tag which indicates if a particular ML model knows how to output the probabilities. It is the same approach used for the confidence map. Therefore, all ML models have now this tag.

The ClassificationFilter has a new output containing the probability map.


The ImageClassifier application has a new parameter "probamap" to activate the output. The number of classes has to be given also, since not all models store the number of classes.

Additional notes


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