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Add DefaultConstructibleFunctorImageFilter in OTBFunctor module

Julien Michel requested to merge default_functor_filter into develop


This MR provides a new DefaultConstructibleFunctorImageFilter class.


FunctorImageFilter does not provide a default constructor, nor a New() method. Adding them would require functor to be default constructible, and thus break support of lambdas.

Yet, in some situations it would be great to be able to use New() on FunctorImageFilter (when refactoring code for instance).

Therefore, this MR adds a new DefaultConstructibleFunctorImageFilter class inheriting from FunctorImageFilter which explictly enables deufault construction and offers the New() method.

Documentation and tests have been updated accordingly.


The copyright owner is CNES and has signed the ORFEO ToolBox Contributor License Agreement.

Check before merging:

  • All discussions are resolved
  • At least 2 👍 votes from core developers, no 👎 vote.
  • The feature branch is (reasonably) up-to-date with the base branch
  • Dashboard is green
  • Copyright owner has signed the ORFEO ToolBox Contributor License Agreement

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