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Add a solar distance parameter in the optical calibration module

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A solar distance parameters has been added to the Optical calibration application in order to be used in the underlying filters.


See issue #1808 .

Implementation Details

The solar distance parameter can be used, if selected, to compute the filtered images in :

  • otbImageToReflectanceImageFilter.h
  • otbRadianceToReflectanceImageFilter.h
  • otbReflectanceToImageImageFilter.h
  • otbReflectanceToRadianceImageFilter.h
  • a "solar distance parameter" has been added to the parameters of the OpticalCalibration application.

Tests have been added to the CMakeLists.txt to cover the four cases of filter described above.

Additional notes

An example of python script for computing the earth/sun distance can be found here.


The copyright owner is CS Systèmes d'Information and has signed the ORFEO ToolBox Contributor License Agreement.

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