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Fix BandMathX documentation

Cédric Traizet requested to merge doc_bandmathx into develop


This MR replaces min and max by vmin and vmax in the BandMathX application documentation


in BandMathX syntax, min(arg1, arg2, ..., argN) return the minimum value in scalar list [arg1,arg2, ... argN] while vmin(arg) return the minimum value of the vector arg (this vector can be a neighborhood, e.g. vmin(im1b1N5x5) or a pixel e.g. vmin(im1)).

Additional notes

Maybe we should refactor the BandMathX documentation. Today we have the application documentation which is quite long but non exhaustive, and the About BandMathX C++ section, with more details about the syntax of BandMathX expressions and C++ examples of the BandMathImageFilterX. I think we should remove this section and make a BandMathX recipe with the informations on BandMathX syntax and a few application example because:

  • Most users of MuParserX are using applications
  • There is already an example using the C++ filter
  • in most case, in the C++ API, using functor filters instead of BandMath filters is more efficient: the only advantage of BandMathX is to provide the expression at run time.

This can be done in this MR or another.


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