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Additional tests for the ExtractROI application

Cédric Traizet requested to merge test_extractroi into develop


Currently, the ExtractROI application is only tested in the case where the output is the same as the input, for example if its parameters are not compliant with the input image. it is also important to test the case where the application works correctly. This MR adds the 9 following tests:

  • Mode standard (test with sizex sizey startx and starty) + cl parameter
  • Mode Fit:
    • case with a reference image
    • case with a reference vector
  • Mode Extent (test with mode.extent.ulx, mode.extent.uly ,mode.extent.lrx and mode.extent.lry:
    • case with unit = pxl
    • case with unit = phy
    • case with unit = lonlat
  • Mode Radius (test with radius.r radius.cs and :
    • case with center unit pxl and radius unit pxl
    • case with center unit phy and radius unit phy
    • case with center unit lonlat and radius unit pxl

This MR also corrects a bug in fit vector mode, and in the extent mode with physical units, where some variable were redefined in a scope.

Closes issue #1931 (closed)


The copyright owner is CNES and has signed the ORFEO ToolBox Contributor License Agreement.

Check before merging:

  • All discussions are resolved
  • At least 2 👍 votes from core developers, no 👎 vote.
  • The feature branch is (reasonably) up-to-date with the base branch
  • Dashboard is green
  • Copyright owner has signed the ORFEO ToolBox Contributor License Agreement
  • Optionally, run git diff develop... -U0 --no-color | -p1 -i on latest changes and commit
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