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Fix listview parameter in TrainImagesClassifier

Cédric Traizet requested to merge train_image_classifier_listview into release-7.1


TrainImagesClassifier is a composite application chaining several learning applications. This applications has a listView parameter sample.vfn connected to a PolygonClassStatistics, a SampleSelection and a TrainVectorClassifier application.

The io.vd input vector data source of TrainImagesClassifier is connected to the vec input vector data of PolygonClassStatistics and when the parameters of TrainImagesClassifier the parameters of PolygonClassStatistics are also updated. This means the listView parameter is connected to the input vector data. The choice list is the available fields in io.vd and the selected item is the index of sample.vfn in this choice list.

It is important to note that sharing a ListView parameter is not sharing the string value given to the parameter (or stringList), the whole ListView is shared, i.e. the choice list and the selected item(s).

However the input vector of the TrainVectorClassifier application is not the same one, it is a temporary vector created by SampleExtraction and its fields are not the same. The selected item is never updated again, and index of the selected item is not necessarily the right one.

In most case it is not a problem (i.e. the selected item is still the right field). However in the case described on this forum post the field used for classification is not the right one, it is a field containing the class name and during training a stod exception is raised while attempting to convert the wrong field into an integer. I don't know why this specific case fails and the other don't (e.g. the tests).

This merge request is a fix for this bug. sample.vfn is not connected to the cfield of TrainImageClassifier. Instead cfield is initialized with the value given to sample.vfn, i.e. the actual field name.


The copyright owner is CNES and has signed the ORFEO ToolBox Contributor License Agreement.

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