ENH: add 3d image support to StreamingManager and PipelineMemoryPrintCalculator

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Add nD image support to otbStreamingManager and 3D image support to PipelineMemoryPrintCalculator


The StreamingManager class defines a small, i.e. 100 pixel, region around the image centre that is used to estimate the memory footprint of the processing pipeline. The current implementation only explicitly sets the index for dimensions 0 and 1 respectively. Since the index value assignment does not account for the actual number of dimensions of the image, a 1D image would produce a segmentation fault when the value of index[1] is assigned.

The PipelineMemoryPrintCalculator currently only supports 2D images. The number of image dimensions is currently hard coded in ::EvaluateDataObjectPrint in macro OTB_IMAGE_SIZE_BLOCK.

Implementation Details

  • The assignment of index and size values of the test region is done considering the actual number of image dimensions.
  • smallRegion.Crop(region) is removed because it is superfluous with the new implementation.
  • I added a set of image memory print calculation statements for 3-dimensional images to the OTB_IMAGE_SIZE_BLOCK macro
  • Note: This revision will be performance neutral for 2D images but enables use of this class for 3D images. A future improvement of this class would be to template it over the image type to enable nD support.


The copyright owner is Manaaki Whenua - Landcare Research (MWLR). MWLR has signed the ORFEO ToolBox Contributor License Agreement.

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