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Simplification of the CI : remove jobs CentOS, Debian and Windows8

Julien Osman requested to merge CI-simplification into develop


Remove jobs CentOS, Debian and Windows8.


The purpose of this MR is to simplify the development process by reducing the number of CI jobs that need to be maintained.

  • CentOS6: This OS is not maintained anymore, we should update to centOS 7 or 8. But we noticed that this job is redundant with the Ubuntu job. Indeed, they usually fail or succeed together. So it's worth removing one of them. According to the survey from last November, more people use Ubuntu than CenOS, so it is better to remove the CentOS job.
  • Debian Testing: This jobs usually fails because the Debian package of one of the dependency of the OTB was updated. Even if it is interesting to know that a dependency was updated, this error is not related to the development work that the CI is supposed to test. This is particularly annoying for the developers, because they need to address issues related to packages updates while they are working on other features. For this reason, we should remove this job and find an other solution to check for updates for the dependencies.
  • Windows8 32bit: With Microsoft talking about Windows11, and the fact that 32bit systems are legacy, we can remove this jobs without fear.

Implementation Details

Classes and files

Update the .gitlab-ci.yml file.


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