Patch release 7.4.2 only for redhat8 and Ubuntu 22 support

Merged Thibaut ROMAIN requested to merge build-7.4-ubuntu22-superbuild into release-7.4

Only the superbuild will build on ubuntu 22 due to OSSIM being no more packaged on ubuntu 22 as this project is deprecated. OSSIM cannot build with the dependencies installed in ubuntu 22 because libGEOS 3.10.2 has changed its API. In this MR GDAL is updated to 3.4.1 (the same version as in ubuntu 22, to be compatible with python rasterio etc) and HDF4 is updated to 4.2.15 because it was not building. In order to build correctly, one has to install gcc-9 and use it as the default compiler following this tutorial.

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