Commit 7dc8de24 authored by Pierre Tysebaert's avatar Pierre Tysebaert
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Fix config_file key

parent 77e12820
......@@ -563,7 +563,7 @@ class FscConfig:
def dump_configuration(self, dump_path, config_file, input_dir, log, chain_version, product_counter):
# Get the fields as a dictionary
conf_keys = ["dem", "tcd", "water_mask", "config_file"]
conf_keys = ["dem", "tcd", "water_mask"]
key_translation = {"tcd": "tcd_file", "water_mask": "water_mask_path"}
full_data = vars(self)
data = {key: full_data[key_translation.get(key, key)] for key in conf_keys}
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