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Automatic release notes from gitlab

Julien Michel requested to merge release-notes-script into master

This is a python scripts that automatically generates release notes from gitlab API. It will search for merge requests that are merged and:

  • Have the specified release as milestone
  • Have been updated after the feature freeze of previous release
$ python
Usage: release_name(ex: 6.6.0) last_release_date(ex: 2017-12-22)
Warning: a maximum of 1000 merge requests will be returned

Example for otb 6.6.0:

$ python 6.6.0 2017-12-22

Features added:
   * !4: Dimensionality reduction algorithms by Guillaume Pasero (see
   * !5: Enhance otb sar sensor model adapter by Gaëlle USSEGLIO (see
   * !7: Enhance cookbook extended filename section by Mickael Savinaud (see
   * !8: App engine flags by Guillaume Pasero (see
   * !12: Complex image integration by Antoine Regimbeau (see
   * !15: Parameter bool by Guillaume Pasero (see
   * !22: Register Pipeline Services (ProcessObjects and DataObjects) by Antoine Regimbeau (see
   * !24: Handle extended filename for DataSource class by Antoine Regimbeau (see
   * !25: Data augmentation by Jordi Inglada (see
   * !26: Update Shark Random Forest implementation by Manuel Grizonnet (see
   * !29: ApplicationEngine new services by Guillaume Pasero (see
   * !33: Multi writer by @CSSI_OTB (see
   * !34: Stop button for graphic applications by Guillaume Pasero (see
   * !53: Resolve "add Wrapper/QGIS to generate qgis descriptors for processing plugin" by Rashad Kanavath (see
   * !63: Background value for VectorDataToLabelImageFilter by Rémi Cresson (see
   * !71: New Itk modules by Yannick TANGUY (see
   * !89: Resolve "remove -Wshadow warning" by Rashad Kanavath (see

Bugs fixed:
   * !6: Resolve "SampleExtraction application memory usage grows constantly" by Guillaume Pasero (see
   * !11: Resolve "Compilation error in Debug in ossimSarSensorModel" by Manuel Grizonnet (see
   * !13: Resolve "Inconsistent behaviour of geom file loading" by Guillaume Pasero (see
   * !19: Splitting cxx file for InputImageParameter by Antoine Regimbeau (see
   * !27: Remove README (copy/paste error) from MPIConfig module by Manuel Grizonnet (see
   * !30: Fix clang missing override warnings by Julien Michel (see
   * !32: Bugfix RAM parameter not used by Guillaume Pasero (see
   * !35: WIP: Bugfix writer box by Rémi Cresson (see
   * !38: Support GDAL Python binding for release 6.4 by Guillaume Pasero (see
   * !39: Resolve "API change in HoughTransform2DLinesImageFilter (itk 4.13)" by Manuel Grizonnet (see
   * !40: Resolve "Python3 OTB application bindings available in the OTB package don't work on Linux" by Manuel Grizonnet (see
   * !41: Resolve "OTB Python code in the CookBook is not compatible with Python3" by Manuel Grizonnet (see
   * !43: Resolve "Remove deprecated instructions to compile Monteverdi" by Manuel Grizonnet (see
   * !44: Resolve "Fix some warnings with gcc 7.3 and clang 5.0" by Manuel Grizonnet (see
   * !45: Resolving ExtractROI default behavior bug by Antoine Regimbeau (see
   * !47: Resolve "skipcarto not working in Orthorectification?" by Guillaume Pasero (see
   * !48: Resolve "SampleSelection strategy "byclass", csv parser not working" by Guillaume Pasero (see
   * !52: Resolve "Mention CCLA and ICLA in" by Manuel Grizonnet (see
   * !58: Resolve "General log information appear several time in composite applications" by Guillaume Pasero (see
   * !65: Use OGRSpatialReference class to compare projref by Antoine Regimbeau (see
   * !67: Packaging install fonts by Guillaume Pasero (see
   * !70: Resolve : Application can't be launch through monteverdi by Antoine Regimbeau (see
   * !73: Resolve "wrong default RGB composition for Pleiades image" by Antoine Regimbeau (see
   * !78: Fix installation of GDAL bindings in standalone packages by Guillaume Pasero (see
   * !79: BUG: #1567: fix compilation with GDAL 2.3.0 by Guillaume Pasero (see
   * !80: OpenGL problem in monteverdi by Antoine Regimbeau (see
   * !81: Solve drag and drop issue by Antoine Regimbeau (see
   * !82: Resolve "Error during OTB SuperBuild compilation on Ubuntu 16.04" by Guillaume Pasero (see
   * !83: Fix itk packaging by Guillaume Pasero (see
   * !86: Solve linking problem due to ABI change by Antoine Regimbeau (see
   * !94: BUG: change ParameterFile ext to None by Rashad Kanavath (see
   * !95: BUG: #1580: update tag for FFSforGMM by Guillaume Pasero (see
   * !96: Cookbook fixes for release 6.6 by Guillaume Pasero (see

Small patches made:
   * !50: TEST: fix ingroup test and doxygen section by Guillaume Pasero (see
   * !54: Fix warnings on develop build by Julien Michel (see
   * !55: Update contribution guide with a new label (patch) by Julien Michel (see
   * !56: DOC: Complex types from MR !12 are not listed in cli help by Julien Michel (see
   * !61: ENH: Support Geopackage OGR driver by Julien Michel (see
   * !69: COMP: missing parenthesis in packaging script by Guillaume Pasero (see
   * !74: Review: "add Wrapper/QGIS to generate qgis descriptors for processing plugin" by Rashad Kanavath (see
   * !76: DOC: allow the configure step to print detected Qt5 version by Guillaume Pasero (see
   * !84: PKG: small exception for check on /usr path with libdrm by Guillaume Pasero (see
   * !85: PKG: disable dl test for python wrappings (GDAL) by Guillaume Pasero (see
   * !97: Fonts download by Antoine Regimbeau (see
   * !100: Update shark version by Antoine Regimbeau (see
   * !101: Fix GDALAdapters test by Antoine Regimbeau (see

Other changes:
   * !1: DOC: Add CONTRIBUTING and PSC docs by Victor Poughon (see
   * !2: DOC: try to add bug label in the gitlab template by Guillaume Pasero (see
   * !3: Qt4to5 by Antoine Regimbeau (see
   * !10: Update to explain how to register branches for dashboard testing. by Julien Michel (see
   * !14: Dogfooding PolygonClassStatistics application by Manuel Grizonnet (see
   * !16: Param dict python by Guillaume Pasero (see
   * !18: Contrast enhancement corrections by Yannick TANGUY (see
   * !20: Refactor logging for the whole library by Julien Michel (see
   * !21: New rules for Merge Request acceptance (PSC meeting 2018-02-22) by Yannick TANGUY (see
   * !28: Review OTB application recipe by Manuel Grizonnet (see
   * !42: LogSetupInformation in CreateInstance is too invasive by Guillaume Pasero (see
   * !49: Command line options for Monteverdi by @CSSI_OTB (see
   * !51: Resolve "Add in that only  compilation fixes are allowed in develop branch" by Guillaume Pasero (see
   * !93: ENH: install share dir share/OTB-X.Y -> share/otb by Rashad Kanavath (see
   * !99: Update tag for FFSforGMM by Antoine Regimbeau (see

Script is based on gitlab API (see Feel free to add more information (exemple of json reply: ) or enhance the formatting.

Edited by Julien Michel

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