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Command line options for Monteverdi

@CSSI_OTB requested to merge cs-si/otb:cmd-line into develop


Some additional options for Monteverdi command line, plus bugfixes


Improvements made as a starting point to the support of Monteverdi project files. The idea was to quickly open Monteverdi with a set of images loaded and their dynamic already setup. This MR focuses on the loading.

Implementation Details

Classes and files

M       Modules/Visualization/Monteverdi/include/mvdMainWindow.h
M       Modules/Visualization/Monteverdi/src/main.cxx
M       Modules/Visualization/Monteverdi/src/mvdMainWindow.cxx

There are:

  • a bugfix on the logic to enable/disable overview generation
  • an option to disable overview generation
  • an option to pass a text file containing input images to load

Here is the usage message:

Usage: monteverdi [-h|--help] [-a|--applications] [-g|--no-glsl] [-o|--no-overviews] [-t|--txt-file <filename>] [<filename>...]
	  -a, --applications    load OTB-applications from OTB_APPLICATIONS_PATH.
	  -h, --help            display this help message.
	  -g, --no-glsl         force OpenGL 1.x compatible rendering.
	  -o, --no-overviews    ignore build GDAL overviews step.
	  -t, --txt-file        read layer filenames from text file.

Due to a side effect of the synchronization merge, the bugfix for #1266 (closed) is present in this branch (it was not present in develop):

M       Modules/Filtering/Statistics/include/otbStreamingStatisticsVectorImageFilter.txx




Another side effect of the synchronisation merge, the cookbook now shows the patch version of OTB

M       Documentation/Cookbook/rst/

Additional notes

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