Commit 552ce0b8 authored by Rashad Kanavath's avatar Rashad Kanavath
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TEST: JIRA OTB-1052: remove IsNightlyRevision test

parent 17a42356
......@@ -9,16 +9,7 @@ add_executable(otbCurlAdaptersTestDriver ${OTBCurlAdaptersTests})
target_link_libraries(otbCurlAdaptersTestDriver ${OTBCurlAdapters-Test_LIBRARIES})
# Tests Declaration
otb_add_test(NAME tsTvDataIsNightlyRevision COMMAND otbCurlAdaptersTestDriver
set_property(TEST tsTvDataIsNightlyRevision PROPERTY RESOURCE_LOCK web_access)
otb_add_test(NAME tsTvIsNightlyRevision COMMAND otbCurlAdaptersTestDriver
set_property(TEST tsTvIsNightlyRevision PROPERTY RESOURCE_LOCK web_access)
# Is*Revision tests are removed. see JIRA OTB-1052
#the building of testdriver otbCurlAdaptersTestDriver is kept just
#for the sake of linking libcurl with OTB to ensure curl (superbuild/system)
#is fine for usage with OTB
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