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DOC: add some guidelines for gitlab

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......@@ -127,3 +127,21 @@ OTB source code. Under some conditions (dependencies, official acceptance
process, etc.), we are also able to distribute your remote module in the
official standalone binaries. See [the wiki](
for more information.
## Gitlab guidelines
In order to organize the issues in our Gitlab instance, we use both labels and
The [milestones]( should be used to track in which release a feature is merged.
Gitlab can then provide a summary of all features and bugs added to a given release
Regarding labels, we use the following set:
* ~story: significant feature to be implemented with a detailed work plan, it can
correspond to a Request for Comments that has turned into a development action
* ~bug: Bug, crash or unexpected behavior, reported by a user or a developer
* ~feature: Feature request expressed by an OTB user/developer
* ~"To Do": action is planned
* ~Doing: work in progress
* ~api ~app ~documentation ~monteverdi ~packaging ~qgis: optional context information
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