Commit 8baca861 authored by Rashad Kanavath's avatar Rashad Kanavath
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BUG: SuperBuild qt4 no-framework option is osx only

parent 6a6752b0
@QT4_SB_SRC@/configure -prefix @SB_INSTALL_PREFIX@ -opensource -confirm-license -release -shared -nomake demos -nomake examples -nomake tools -no-phonon-backend -no-phonon -no-script -no-scripttools -no-multimedia -no-audio-backend -no-webkit -no-declarative -no-nis -no-javascript-jit -no-qt3support -no-xmlpatterns -no-openssl -no-framework -plugin-sql-sqlite -no-libpng -no-libtiff -no-libjpeg -no-libmng -system-zlib -graphicssystem opengl -system-sqlite -L @SB_INSTALL_PREFIX@/lib -I @SB_INSTALL_PREFIX@/include -I @SB_INSTALL_PREFIX@/include/freetype2 @QT4_SB_CONFIG@
@QT4_SB_SRC@/configure -prefix @SB_INSTALL_PREFIX@ -opensource -confirm-license -release -shared -nomake demos -nomake examples -nomake tools -no-phonon-backend -no-phonon -no-script -no-scripttools -no-multimedia -no-audio-backend -no-webkit -no-declarative -no-nis -no-javascript-jit -no-qt3support -no-xmlpatterns -no-openssl -plugin-sql-sqlite -no-libpng -no-libtiff -no-libjpeg -no-libmng -system-zlib -graphicssystem opengl -system-sqlite -L @SB_INSTALL_PREFIX@/lib -I @SB_INSTALL_PREFIX@/include -I @SB_INSTALL_PREFIX@/include/freetype2 @QT4_SB_CONFIG@
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