Commit b3489785 authored by remi cresson's avatar remi cresson

DOC: Update Contributors.tex, FAQ.tex and Installation.tex

parent 043fc8b9
Adamo Ferro,
Aik Song Chia (CRISP),
Alexia Mondot (CS),
Alexis Huck (Magellium),
Amit Kulkarni,
Andreas Tile (Debian GIS),
......@@ -34,6 +35,7 @@ Laurentiu Nicola (CS Romania),
Luc Hermitte (CS),
Ludovic Hussonnois (CS),
Manuel Grizonnet (CNES),
Marina Bertolino (CNES),
Massimo Di Stefano,
Mathieu Deltorre (CS),
Miarintsoa Ramanantsimiavona,
......@@ -393,10 +393,11 @@ following:
\item{Version 5.X (2015 and later):}
\item Modularization
\item Support Spuperbuild mechanism to build OTB and all dependencies
\item Support Superbuild mechanism to build OTB and all dependencies
from source
\item No more internal versions of most third parties
\item Monteverdi as a module in OTB
\item introduction of the MPI support
......@@ -132,7 +132,7 @@ See table \ref{tab:otb-dependencies} for the full list of dependencies.
\textbf{SiftFast} & \url{} & no & - \\
\textbf{SPTW} & \url{} & no & - \\
\textbf{SPTW} & \url{} & no & - \\
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