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......@@ -253,6 +253,72 @@ textfield settings will not be shown. To use a custom OTB instead of the
existing one, you will need to replace the otbcli, otbgui and library
files in QGIS installation directly.
Manual installation with QGIS 3
This section describe the manual installation of OTB plugin for QGIS 3.
Clone qgis-otb-plugin repository and set QGIS_PLUGINPATH.
For Linux/Unix/MacOSX
mkdir $HOME/projects; cd $HOME/projects
git clone
export QGIS_PLUGINPATH=$HOME/projects/qgis-otb-plugin
For Windows
Clone qgis-otb-plugin repository to ``c:\qgis-plugins\qgis-otb-plugin``
git clone
Then set the ``QGIS_PLUGINPATH`` variable:
* System properties (``Windows Key + R -> sysdm.cpl`` )
* Select Advanced Tab -> Environment variables.
* Under "user variables for "
* Add or Edit variable ``QGIS_PLUGINPATH`` and set value to ``C:\qgis-plugins\qgis-otb-plugin``
Download and Install OTB
OTB is not distributed with qgis-otb-plugin. It is a seperate project and has its own git repository.
Download OTB:
Git repository:
Configure plugin in QGIS
Start QGIS
If you already have QGIS opened, you must restart it.
Then install otb plugin
``Plugins -> Manage and Install Plugins ``
Click on `Installed` tab on left and make sure box next to `OrfeoToolBox(OTB)` is checked.
Open processing settings
`Settings -> Options -> Processing (left panel)`
You can see OTB under "Providers":
* Expand OTB tab
* Tick Activate option
* Set OTB folder. This is location of your OTB installation.
* Set OTB application folder. This is location of your OTB applications. ``<OTB_FOLDER>/lib/otb/applications``
* Click "ok" to save settings and close dialog. If settings are correct, you will have OTB algorithms loaded in Processing toolbox
Load and save parameters to XML
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