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DOC: remove outdated questions from installation instructions FAQ following rashad advises

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......@@ -115,21 +115,6 @@ Notes:
Q: I am getting an error message related to Qt library...
Cannot mix incompatible Qt library (version 0x40806) with this library (version 0x40807)
A: This is due to a conflict with system Qt4 (usually seen on KDE) and Qt4 + gtk libs in OTB package. The fix you need is to remove those libs from package.
.. parsed-literal::
cd /path/to/OTB-|release|-Linux64
rm -f lib/libQt* && rm -fr lib/gtk
Q: Unable to import otbApplication library with Python3
......@@ -148,24 +133,3 @@ path/to/lib/
- Try to import otbApplication again
See this discussion on `OTB issue tracker <>`_
Q: Monteverdi and Mapla applications look different from my other applications.
A: In versions 6.0, Monteverdi, Mapla and otbapplication (otbgui\_\*)
use the system gtk theme. If you can't install GTK on your system you can use the
one distributed with the OTB package. Note that using system GTK is the preferred
way with the OTB standalone package as the distributed version of GTK do not
work on recent Linux distributions.
To use the distributed GTK libraries you need to set the OTB_USE_LOCAL_GTK:
And now start ```` or ```` from OTB-6.0.0-Linux64
To get back default behavior, unset OTB_USE_LOCAL_GTK=1 or set OTB_USE_LOCAL_GTK=0
In version 6.2 and older, the Linux binaries are built without GTK support to cut some
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