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# How to contribute to Orfeo ToolBox
# How to contribute to Orfeo ToolBox ?
Thank you for taking the time to contribute to OTB! This document will guide you
through the workflow and best practices you need to know to send your
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You can prefix your commit message with an indicating flag (DOC, BUG, PKG,
TEST, SuperBuild, etc.) or the name of the module you are changing.
Standard prefixes for OTB commit messages:
BUG: Fix for runtime crash or incorrect result
COMP: Compiler error or warning fix
DOC: Documentation change
ENH: New functionality
PERF: Performance improvement
STYLE: No logic impact (indentation, comments)
WIP: Work In Progress not ready for merge
For example, here are some good commit messages:
BUG: #1701 Warn users if parameter string is unset
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